BoxLoader UK have specialist vehicles that lift containers to and from trailers to the floor, this is ideal for sites that have loading bay or need to have the container onsite for a prolonged period of time. The trailers are highly specialised French-manufactured BoxLoader trailers, all less than three years old with facility to lift 20/40/45ft containers weighing a maximum of 34tonnes.

Container / Side Lift Trailer
We run a specialist vehicle which can deliver a container and lift it on and off the trailer onto other trailers or the ground.

No loading bay/ramp?
We can put your container on the ground so you can load/unload at floor level.

Need a container onsite for longer than the usual three hours?
We can drop the container off at your premises and collect at a later time/date.

Want a container for semi-permanent storage onsite?
We can offload the container on the floor at your premises. Our container lifting service can improve the safety, speed, flexibility, cost saving and security of your onsite loading and unloading.


To see more of our equipment in action just take a look at our photo gallery Photo Gallery